Please note that not everything here was authored by all of us. To get the respective authors, it is best to check the project itself.

Android apps

Connect Neurons Get it on Google Play

A game in which you will practice your logical thinking. Your task is to connect neurons in a way that the number of connections of each neuron equals its value. But be careful — no two connections can intersect. We wrote this a long time ago in Xamarin and C#.

Grand Historian Get it on Google Play

A quiz where you can test your knowledge of history in different areas — ranging from Ancient Greece to the Second World War! This was our first Flutter project. The app is far from perfect, but the questions are great, mostly thanks to our friend Tomáš Lávička who spent a lot of time coming up with most of them.

Old-school Snake Get it on Google Play

An arcade game in which you play as a snake and your task is to eat food and grow in length as much as you can. This was again written a long long time ago using Xamarin and C#.

IYPT 2019/20

Together with Ondra Baštař and Viki Valdmanová we attended the Czech round of the International Young Physicists Tournament 2019/20. There was no tradition of IYPT on our high school and we had a hard time figuring out how a great solution should be structured. That's why we share our solutions to two of the problems, so anybody interested can read them and learn from them. Those solutions were recieved well although in the end didn't win the first place. Czech page of the IYPT for more reference.

Matikuj (in czech)

A web for students and teachers to help them with online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. It contains hundreds of practice problems of varying difficulty and offers extensive user interface for teachers to remotely examine students.

This project was done in colaboration with with Ondra Baštař and Viki Valdmanová.

Mocnější než bohové (in czech)

Dominik and Ondra have also been writing a book for past... (a lot of years). You can check it out here.